Monday, June 27, 2011

June 25th weekend

A very productive week(end) indeed!

On Wednesday, June 22nd we celebrated Miranda's 18th birthday.  Pizza dinner and cheesecake, her a friend for a sleepover, another gift for Miranda (digital camera).  Everyone seemed happy!

On Friday we all went out for a nice dinner at the Venetian Cafe for Miranda's going away dinner.  Food was good, dessert was excellent!

Early Saturday morning Miranda, Larissa and Tim got up at 4:30am and took Miranda to her 6am flight.  Just as Tim was getting ready to relax, he was called into work and spent an entire day there.

Meanwhile, I started cleaning the house and kept going, and going, and...  Until I was totally exhausted, but it felt so good to de-clutter another area of the house!

Larissa's room is (almost) back to what it was a couple of years ago
Sunday was spent on more cleaning, making sure everyone has good swim attire to take to the grandma's house, which resulted in a trip to the Old Navy store.  I think we are so close to being ready for our vacation!  I know everyone is looking forward to our trip.

Now that we have someone to watch the house and take care of our cat, we feel at ease.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 18th weekend

Spent most of the weekend cleaning out the house.  We just made a large donation for kids' elementary school garage sale, and now Liberty Fit group is holding a sale too.  So, we had to do another major closet checking.  It feels nice to get rid of old stuff, especially when you know it's for a good cause.

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 11th weekend

On  June 9th Jonathan graduated from his kindergarten class. 
 His class put together an animal related show with songs and costumes.  Jon was a monkey.

June 10th was Eastwood Fiesta night for all the kids and their parents.

There was a dunk tank where you can see your favorite teacher getting thrown into a tank of water, many foods and sweets to choose from, and many fun games to play.  Jon tried out the giant hammer slam and won an inflatable hammer to take home.  Gabe gave it a try too.  Larissa was more interested in getting teachers wet.  I helped out at one of the tables, and Jon won a backpack filled with small toys.  Everyone really enjoyed the festivities.

Helvetia race is finally here!
Both Tim and Miranda completed the half-marathon distance on June 11th
Tim made it within his goal of two hours and Miranda made it in three.
 Great weekend, many accomplishments.